So, the exercise program hit a snag last week. I was going too often and was too exhausted to lift weights. I would go in the morning and then in the afternoon with my daughters. I took a couple days off and felt much better. Now I’m only go once on the days I take my daughters to the gym. My daughter’s schedule is making it harder for both of them to get to the gym but this is just temporary, end of the school year busyness. Hopefully they’ll be able to go more often in the coming weeks.

I gained another 4 pounds but lost it again the next day, so for the week I was at a zero for weight loss. I decided to cut out ice cream until I lose 10 pounds, let’s see if I can stick to it 🙂 I think that may help. I also added walnuts to my oatmeal in the morning hoping to make my breakfast last a little longer in the morning. Yesterday it worked, today I was ready for lunch at 10:30 🙂
I’ve been able to get my heart rate up to the level of a twenty year old (high intensity cardio) on the treadmill and even to the level of a ten year old but had to slow down because I thought I would get a nose bleed. So, I’m pretty pleased with my cardio workout and plan to do it 6 days a week (taking Sunday off). Weight lifting isn’t going as well and I’ll have to work on that but I decided to concentrate on the cardio first and not worry about weightlifting until I get used to the left on intensity, though I’m pretty pleased with my ab exercises.
So, how are you doing?
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