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You know, it’s absolutely amazing that a leader of our government would make such a stupid and unfounded assertion. Oil makes us sick? What the heck does he expect us to use instead? And what the heck does he use? …Read More

Note to the Obama campaign: when your surrogates point out the deficiencies of your opponent, they might not want to use examples in which you are even weaker!(via)Clark’s first clue should have been Schieffer’s incredulity over the remark.Clark’s remarks were …Read More

I don’t think we need a nameless political hack to tell us this: “I don’t want that to happen with Obama — to be defeated on an issue that is not important to us and is not a political winner …Read More

So, what part of “my kingdom is not of this world” don’t you get? “They’re spiritual misfits. Rabble-rousers. They packed the shell of the old Baptist church on Negley Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to hear author, Christian activist and fellow …Read More

When I was harassed into proving that my Reformed theology is the source for my worldview and not the Republican party, I provided you guys with a nice little primer that explains Reformed theology so that I can then provide …Read More

I didn’t know that there was Terminator movie in the works. Principal photograpanother hy on the movie, which looks at the origins of the battle between humans and Skynet, started last month in New Mexico, with the idea that most …Read More

No wonder these people are on track to lose big in November. They just can’t get it through their head this isn’t a way to win elections. The base is getting tired of Republicans spending way too much money so …Read More

They get to keep their churches! Eleven conservative congregations that broke with the U.S. Episcopal Church and want to keep property worth millions of dollars have won a second court decision, the dissident churches said on Friday. The decision was …Read More

A reporter has a hard time finding someone to admit that he’s baby is average looking.And though everyone thinks their baby is cute, I know that mine were and still are 🙂 Judge for yourself:

OK, so you guys want to know why I believe what I post is consistent with Reformed theology. Why do I say that I’m blogging from a Reformed perspective and yet I usually only blog about politics? What does the …Read More