Open up for your morning conservative education pill…
Has anyone bothered to notice just how much of what Obama says these days is right out of the failed Presidential play book of Jimmy Carter?

The question for the rest of the year is this: Are there enough voting Americans who survived the disastrous odyssey through the late 1970s that was led by blessedly now ex-president Jimmy Carter? While Ronald Reagan is rated in poll after poll by Americans as a great president, (most recently he rated second only to Lincoln), are there enough people who recall that Reagan’s election came about because of Carter’s…ahhh…”performance” in the Oval Office?

I am old enough to remember how Carter’s failed ” unless we tax the oil companies, they will reap huge and undeserved windfall profits,” policy created the long lines at the gas pumps, not to mention an increased dependence on foreign oil. This is exactly what Obama proposes.
I am old enough to remember the Iranian/American hostage crisis. I remember the blind-folded hostages being trotted out, for all the world to see on television. The crisis lasted over 444 days! I remember the yellow ribbons everywhere. Carter’s diplomacy failed to bring an end to that crisis. The Iranians knew he didn’t have the will nor the power to confront them. I remember that the hostages were freed minutes after Reagan was inaugurated. They feared Reagan, not so with the peanut farmer from Georgia. Talk about international laughingstock. Now Obama wants to “talk” to Iran, again. Look, if it didn’t work for Carter then why in the world does he think it will work now?
If he gets into office I think it will be because “every once in a good while the latest crowd of American voters actually forgets their history (or never learned it in the first place) and gives a Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton a go at holding the reins. Enemies are then appeased, taxes raised, and judges go wild”.
Personally, I’m going with the “never learned history in the first place” excuse.

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