Since the commenters insist on repeatedly making the same charges against me I’ve decided to started saving my responses in Microsoft OneNote as a way to save me time and aggregation and to demonstrate the lack of imagination in the charge (also it will insure that I don’t get so angry that I start bleeping myself :-).
So, if you say something like this:

“Still don’t kno whow to praise your own candidate without “bashing” the other, Michelle?”

Then I will reply with:

Canned response #1: I don’t have a candidate in this race.

BTW, to demonstrate the truth of this response, I’m toying with the idea of voting for Bob Barr.
And if you say something like this:

“By the way, nice job of reading the White House talking points again, Michele.”

Then I will reply with:

Canned response #2: I know you might find it hard to understand that there are some of us who can think for ourselves and do not need to be given talking points by some organization . Maybe you’re projecting what you do unto me? I wouldn’t mouth the party line if they paid me. And has it ever occurred to you that maybe I have a similar take as the Republicans because we might share the same views since we look at some of the issues in the same way? How shocking is that? I’m surprised you haven’t thought about it since you and many of your fellow commenters on the left say the exact same things as Daily Kos and the DNC. Are you their stooge?
I promise that if I ever you a talking point, I will note it in my post. Do you plan to do the same thing in your comment?

And this:

“instead of spouting the same things Fox news would say.”

Will get you this:

Canned response #3:How can FoxNews form my views when I don’t have cable?

These are actual comments that were made this week after I’ve repeatedly responded these charges in the past on this blog. So, now I expect that I’ve reduced the time necessary to replay to attacks by 80%.
I will post more when I start responding to the other attacks. The next one I’m working on is a response to a comment like this:

Your blog is advertised as offering “politics and religion from a reformed perspective.” I’m curious…what is the Reformed Theology perspective on the GI bill?

This one is going to take me awhile to reply to since I think that it demonstrates a lack of understanding of how each of us views the world from a philosophical (or in my case, theological) grid and I’m going to have to lay that ground work before I reply to the specific question of how my Reformed Theology is reflected in what I post. And to do that I plan to use Kuyper’s Lectures in Calvinism which will take me awhile to find since I’m not sure I know what I did with it. I’ll post it when I’m done so that all of you can rest assured that I am what I claim to be: a Reformed Chick Blabbing from a Reformed perspective 🙂

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