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OK, so I’m late to the story (as usual) but I’m not buying that there have been resurrections because of the Lakeland Revival: Hundreds are claiming healing from various ailments, including deafness, cancer, tumors and paralysis. There are also unconfirmed …Read More

You know, Obama and his campaign manager strikes me as pretty shrewd, they figure out a way to game the system so that they can beat the forerunner county by county but when it comes to Obama’s church, they seem …Read More

When are these guys going to learn that they can’t lie like this without getting caught? Here’s video evidence that Axelrod (Obama’s campaign manager) doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about:(via)

Because the federal government is about to force you to stop using it. I wonder how many asthma patients will wind up in the emergency room do to problems with an unfamiliar inhaler? Old-fashioned asthma inhalers that contain environment-harming chemicals …Read More

OK, so this guy didn’t look in the top compartment of his closet for a year? How many of us have parts we don’t go to in a year? My attic is about it. And how could she be that …Read More

Em…am I the only one who thinks that Hillary might be developing a drinking problem? If you haven’t seen the picture of on Drudge, check it out here. The whiskey is starting to look a lot less like a prop …Read More

Looney, here’s what you requested (I wanted to make sure you saw it 🙂 For everyone else, this is the book that governs the churches in by my denom.

Hmmm…makes me rethink voting for Bob Barr just to see if she’ll do it (didn’t Baldwin say he would leave and didn’t?). I guess she isn’t one of those Hollywood liberals who are secretly supporting McCain: SUSAN SARANDON, who appeared …Read More

Why in the world don’t the separation of church and state people have a cow when a lefty uses federal money to fund a youth center at a church? Is it because they only care when Republicans do it? And …Read More

Listen to Carville spin, it’s quite amusing. He’s particularly funny when he undercuts Clinton’s argument for staying in the race by admitting that either Democrat will beat the Republicans And it’s funny how much Diane Sawyer grills him on the …Read More