Reformed Chicks Blabbing

Putting up a more liberal candidate may actually work for us this year since it offers an alternative to Democrats who believe that their party has made a mistake electing a man who has so little experience and is a radial leftist:

There are now more McCainocrats than Obamacans — about 14 percent of Democrats say they would vote for Mr. McCain today instead of Mr. Obama, but just 8 percent of Republicans say they would vote for the Illinois Democrat, according to a Pew Research Center survey on Feb. 28.
Additionally, 20 percent of white Democratic voters say they would defect to Mr. McCain if Mr. Obama is the Democratic Party’s nominee — twice the number who would cross over if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the nomination, Pew found.
While Mrs. Clinton would draw far fewer Republican crossover voters and is making little effort to do so, Mr. Obama — who leads in the delegate race for the nomination — is making no bones about courting members of the other party. He tells a story at nearly every campaign event about Republicans quietly supporting him, which always draws guffaws from his partisan crowd.

And then there’s this:

“We don’t support a lot of things that Obama stands for — including issues like Second Amendment rights — obviously abortion is a problem for us — but when you look at the bigger issues, health care, the deficit, energy independence, these are issues that we’re only going to solve if we’re unified and we have a majority of Americans behind one candidate, and that candidate is Obama.”

I guess it all depends on what you’re willing to give up, huh? And if those issues are more important than abortion, tanking the economy by raising taxes, socialism and foreign policy.