Oh.My.Heck! I think the answer to that question is pretty obvious. Where has this guy been the last two decades? Does he really think the Clintons care about anyone but themselves?

It will come as a surprise to many people that there are rules in politics. Most of those rules are unwritten and are based on common understandings, acceptable practices, and the best interest of the political party a candidate seeks to lead. One of those rules is this: Do not provide ammunition to the opposition party that can be used to destroy your party’s nominee. This is a hyper-truth where the presidential contest is concerned.
By saying that only she and John McCain are qualified to lead the country, particularly in times of crisis, Hillary Clinton has broken that rule, severely damaged the Democratic candidate who may well be the party’s nominee, and, perhaps most ominously, revealed the unlimited lengths to which she will go to achieve power. She has essentially said that the Democratic party deserves to lose unless it nominates her.

Ah, whiny Democrats complaining that the campaigning is getting rough, is there anything better? As Josh Marshall says:

Let me stipulate to one thing: if this were two Republicans squabbling, I’d be laughing my head off at the moment. And I can assure you a lot of them are.

Yes, we are laughing, Josh Marshall, quite uproariously in fact and it just keeps getting better and better 🙂

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