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So, pro-life Obamaicans, which is better for our pro-life position: a president who doesn’t talk about abortion or pro-life issues but wouldn’t promote it or be an advocate for it either, or someone who has such a low view of …Read More

Kudos to LiveLeak for boasting their security and not bowing to pressure: On the 28th of March was left with no other choice but to remove the film “fitna” from our servers following serious threats to our staff and …Read More

Here’s an article that attempts to shed some light onto what Wright was doing at Trinity. I only skimmed it, so I can’t say if he was successful 🙂 (via)

Lets you watch and download videos that have been deleted from YouTube! Cool! That is amazing and such a helpful tool, don’t you think? It doesn’t work with all videos. I think the video has to be recently deleted for …Read More

His campaign is really trying to hide the fact that he’s a liberal even to the point of lying about it (but of course they could have forgotten about it or misspoke 🙂 During his first run for elected office, …Read More

Anti-war protesters call him a war criminal during a speech (even though he had nothing to do with the war) and someone asks him why he elicits such a personal response. His response is pretty humorous 🙂(via)

How low can you get? The incident, possibly the first computer attack to inflict physical harm on the victims, began Saturday, March 22, when attackers used a script to post hundreds of messages embedded with flashing animated gifs. The attackers …Read More

Since the suspension of Peter Enns from Westminster I’ve been checking out what other bloggers have been saying about it and noticed this quote from Dr. Jim West on Justin Taylor’s blog: Enns knew what it stood for before he …Read More

Pretty amazing! Here’s the video. (via)

If there are riots and killings as a result of this movie, it will only reinforce the movies message: Muslim countries warned Friday of strong reactions to an anti-Islam film posted on the Internet by far-right Dutch deputy Geert Wilders, …Read More