He doesn’t like it. Oh, poor Obama! That is really too bad because he’s about to wear it like a name tag. He is going to be called a McGovern liberal from now until November so many times in so many ways, a daily drumbeat of stories about his liberalism in the conservative media (and hopefully ads). He’ll just have to learn to embrace the label the way he’s embraced the policies:

In his radio and TV ads that are blanketing Texas, Barack Obama claims a chief executive can make more money “in 10 minutes” than an ordinary worker makes in a year. Obama wants to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, enact a national health plan, offer a $4,000-a-year tuition reimbursement in exchange for national service, and have the government intervene to prevent home foreclosures.
But he doesn’t want anyone to call him a liberal.
For despite Obama’s vow to build a working majority for change – to win a clear mandate for his progressive agenda, rather than engage in Clinton-like “triangulation” – he’s not yet willing to own the l-word.

Oh baby! You are going to own that word like a big ole scarlet letter!

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