Evidently 70-year-old Jack Nicholson is looking for love:

Jack Nicholson, the legendary ladies’ man, says he’d like to fall in love again.
“I never minded being a fool for love,” the 70-year-old Oscar winner tells AARP The Magazine. “It’s nice to have a place to be foolish. Ask any old friend of mine, they’ll say, `Jack’s pretty smart, but in this area the man is beyond the pale. Don’t ask him anything about love. Or if you ask him, don’t listen to him.'”
Nicholson says getting older has changed the way he woos women.
“I can’t hit on a girl in public like I used to,” he says. “I never thought words like `undignified’ would come into my own reflections on myself, but I can’t do it anymore.”
Nicholson says nearly all his contemporaries tell him they want “that one last big romance.”
“I don’t do a lot of original screenwriting anymore, but if I were, I’d find a way to make this the dramatic narrative of a movie, because it’s one of those silent yearnings of my own age group,” he says.

Maybe he should write that story, with the population aging it might even be a hit (at least with those who can get a senior citizen discount 🙂
And it’s good that he’s decided to be more dignified in his pursuit of “girls” because there is nothing as gross as watching and old man hitting on young women. Yech!

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