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This is absolutely ghoulish. The body parts were used in disk replacements, knee operations, dental implants and other surgical procedures performed by unsuspecting doctors across the United States and in Canada. About 10,000 people received tissue supplied by Biomedical Tissue …Read More

So much for not going negative and shouldn’t this guy go after the presumptive nominee? Why waste your time with the second place guy? But we know what’s going on here, he’s softening up the competition for McCain, it’s very …Read More

We’re going into a recession, how much slower do you want it? Does this guy really help his wife saying things like this? Maybe on the left but there are people out there who actually don’t want to be laid …Read More

It looks like reality is hitting some Huckabloggers in the face: It’s time for us Huckaboosters to admit that this is not our man’s year. I regret that things have turned out this way for him, but he waged a …Read More

He says that “liberals allow personality, emotions and feelings to take precedence over issues, substance and policy.” And that’s what the talk show hosts are doing doing here.Ugh! I don’t listen to this guy but if I did, this would …Read More

Want the opinion of complete strangers concerning the Bible? Then this is your site. (via)

This is kind of funny:(via)BTW, here’s a cheesy how to use Google Maps video:

So, long time readers of this blog may remember that I got a new Vaio laptop for Christmas but I haven’t gotten a chance to let you know what I think of it. I love it! Of course, what’s not …Read More

This is wrong! Atheists have as much right as anyone to use the Internet to set up networks. Why should MySpace be allowed to discriminate against them? And those Christians who worked to get this group deleted should remember that …Read More

If I had a book out about a Mormon in the White House, I might be spinning as well. He’s done the math and thinks Romney has a shot. I’m not buying it but if you’re a Romney supporter it …Read More