They did a blog round up on Huckabee accepting money from Novo Nordisk and they linked to your comment!

Does Huckabee heart stem cells?: Some conservative bloggers have noticed that presidential candidate Mike Huckabee accepted money from Novo Nordisk, an embryonic stem-cell research company that also focuses on diabetes care. The company made available 35,000 free copies of a Spanish translation of Huckabee’s weight-loss book about coping with diabetes. The Arkansas Times‘ Max Brantley, blogged about the story in October, but it has been picking up steam in recent days. According to the Caucus Cooler, Huckabee accepted $35,000 from Novo Nordisk.

“The double standard is one thing but these may be existing stem cell lines which even the President supports funding,” allows Moonshadow, commenting on Reformed Chicks Blabbing, a Christian blog. But others are licking their lips. “I’d like to hear [Huckabee’s] Clintonian answer on this one,” writes ARRA News Service‘s Bill Smith, who blogs for the Arkansas Republican Assembly. Noting that Mitt Romney has been criticized by pro-lifers for owning stock in Novo Nordisk, right-leaning Riehl World View points out, “The word on Huckabee is that he likes his money. I’m not sure people realize just how much, given the poor preacher image and all. He appears to have made several times his salary as Governor from outside business interests.” On Newsbusters, a conservative-media watchdog blog, John Stephenson wonders why the story isn’t getting more attention and writes, “With as many critiques that I’ve given Huckabee, I’ve never questioned him on social issues. I’ve always thought that was his strong point. But now comes news that those principles may not be so bonafide, at least when money gets involved.” InstaPundit‘s libertarian Glenn Reynolds finds the story’s low profile unsurprising: “[I]t’s the slowest news weekend of the year and lots of media folks are on vacation. Oh, and also, they want Huckabee to get the nomination so the GOP will lose in the fall.”

See what happens when you comment at Reformed Chicks? Slate magazine notices! Maybe some of you might want to start commenting now 🙂

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