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Thanks for the prayers! I had a really hard time writing it for some weird reason. Usually when I sit down to write the words just pour out but this time I was struggling to find the right words. Weird! …Read More

I didn’t even know he was sick. Daredevil Evel Knievel, who dodged death in spectacular motorcycle leaps and crashes in a life full of showmanship, died on Friday at age 69, according to his lawyer and a message on his …Read More

Embryonic stem cell research is at the leading edge of a series of moral hazards. The initial stem cell researcher was at first reluctant to begin his research, fearing it might be used for human cloning. Scientists have already cloned …Read More

Good riddance! Actually, federal legislators know how to build tidy nest eggs without spending one day in the private sector – none of them much better than Trent Lott. Except for one year as a practicing attorney fresh out of …Read More

Click to see the rest of the quote (I can’t understand why they didn’t want the rest of the quote 🙂 Time’s Ana Marie Cox: “Rudy sort of winning this one. This is Rudy the prosecutor, and part of me …Read More

In our home, we have three computers networked together. All have Windows XP. Unfortunately, one of our computers is so archaic, it doesn’t even have a pentium processor! Last night my husband was trying to print a document and it …Read More

If you did, you might want to read Jim Geraghty’s excellent posts on the debate as he liveblogged it (sorry, too many to link to, just scroll down). I felt like I actually saw it (I was writing my exegesis …Read More

Wait for Windows 7. They’re miffed that the service pack didn’t clean up the bugs. Shocking! This is Microsoft that we’re talking about here. (via) BTW, on a personal note: crap! I was hoping (in a wishing on a star …Read More

Those are the words of John McLaughlin, the pollster for the Thompson campaign, about the fight between Rudy and Romney. Read what else he said here.