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And everyone is surprised but I’m not: In a major upset, former wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson pummeled the box office competition with his new family comedy “The Game Plan,” which beat presumed victor “The Kingdom” for top honors. “The …Read More

For those who have only heard the clip on the news or read part of the transcript in the paper, here is the clip in context: RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s not possible intellectually to follow these people.CALLER: No, it’s not. And …Read More

I really wish the politicians would be honest with us and told us exactly what they planned to do when they are elected. It would help the pundits avoid this kind of parsing.

Absolutely excellent article on Doug Wilson’s New St. Andrews College in the NT Times Magazine!!! (I know I was shocked as well.) It’s well-balanced and it’s written in such a way that it doesn’t treat the subjects as aliens from …Read More

Go here if you want to downgrade from the upgrade. You still won’t be able to unlock your phone but you will be able to use your third party apps.

For those who are not afraid to look like a total nerd to their visitors. Update: Eep! I forget the link. Here it is. Sorry about that.

I’m not surprised. When I read this post by Patrick Ruffini predicating that Gingrich was in, I was skeptical. I figured he set the $30 million figure high so that he wouldn’t make it. He doesn’t strike me as someone …Read More

Evidently, name calling is OK if you are calling a four star general a traitor but if you make fun of those who do it, watch out! You may be sued. has unleashed their lawyers on Cafepress store owners …Read More

All of you who have unlocked your iPhone. The new update disables iPhones that have been unlocked (especially anySIM users): An Apple software update is disabling iPhones that have been unlocked by owners who wanted to choose which mobile network …Read More

Our military got another one! A senior leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq was killed in a US air strike near Baghdad on Tuesday, the US military reports. Gen Joseph Anderson said the death of Abu Osama al-Tunisi, who had led …Read More