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When I first heard that the ACLU wanted to take down a picture of Jesus from a courthouse lobby in Louisiana, this Jesus picture flashed in mind and I thought, “Maybe it’s a good thing if it’s removed.” But then …Read More

Recently I had to purchase a new power supply for my laptop because the one I had somehow was fried (I don’t know when or how it happened). With the power supply was this note: WARNING: Handling this cord on …Read More

Go check out my review of the book I just finished today.

I just finished reading Thr3e by Ted Dekker and wanted to share my impressions with you while they were still fresh in my mind. I read the book over the last two days and I have to say that I …Read More

OK, I didn’t heed the warning and I watched in stunned disbelieve that this is how the Baptists treat the sacrament of baptism? Wow! Isn’t this a tad too casual for something so sacred? Call me old-fashioned but I like …Read More

Evidently it’s low, below 20% which is much lower than the other candidates. All of those who are predicting the end of his candidacy might want to keep that in mind. BTW, those of you who are also saying that …Read More

I was asked to pass on this information to let you know about Annual Christian Music Festival: Yebotv to stream “The Fest” Annual Christian Music Festival with Grammy award winning headliner Michael W Smith on August 5th 27,000+ fans expected …Read More

This made me laugh.

On his fund raising: it’s piddling or it’s better than what Giuliani and McCain raised in their first month.

But it hasn’t been confirmed: A purported Taliban spokesman claimed the hardline militia killed a second South Korean hostage Monday because the Afghan government failed to release imprisoned insurgents. Afghan officials said they hadn’t recovered a body and couldn’t confirm …Read More