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Or clarifies (take your pick), trying to do damage control because promoting the idea of your wife being involved in policy would be something you might say when you are campaigning in the general election but not the primary. You …Read More

What if your neighbor lacks wisdom and there is evil in your heart (Matthew 15:19; Luke 6:45), then what do you do?

Letters to the editor section of the paper give people a platform for their ideas but in some cases they probably should have kept their opinion to themselves. Rosemary Mellon might have wanted to think though her position a little …Read More

We have had an increase in the number of clearly liberal commenters. Where are you people coming from? Look, here’s the deal, we obviously don’t see things the same way. I look at the war on terror as a necessary …Read More

Oh. My. Heck! This woman has absolutely no sense whatsoever and yeah, you could say, “What else is new.” But each stupid comment that comes out of her mouth shocks me even more. She actually says, “It’s very hard in …Read More

I’m just asking because this is ridiculous. Tags: anti-war, Clinton, Democrat, presidential candidate, election

Dean Barnett thinks Bush should sign it and dare them to impeach him when he calls it unconstitutional: But what about this: What if the president surprises everyone and signs the bill into law but says the usurpation of the …Read More

The sound you just heard was the sound of the Rudy supporters’ jaws hitting their keyboard over this. He must be thinking about grooming his wife to be the next Senator from NY when he leaves office: In an interview …Read More

Here’s a link to the audio of last Friday’s debate between Alister McGrath and atheist Richard Dawkins. Here’s a link (via) to McGrath’s response to Dawkins’ book The God Delusion. Tags: Alister McGrath, Richard Dawkins, Christianity, Christian, atheism, religion

I voted for Abraham Lincoln because you’ve got to love a chickenhawk who commanded an unpopular civil war without any military experience. By today’s standards, it’s the height of chutzpah. (via) Tags: chickenhawk, quiz