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By Frank Viola I was asked if I wanted to review this book but they gave me a short time frame to read it (which is a really good idea because I am not good at the self-motivation thing) but …Read More

In Italy the parents decide whether their child can keep the baby or be forced to have an abortion: An Italian judge has ordered a thirteen year-old girl to have an abortion because her parents are opposed to their daughter …Read More

Christians are being arrested in Laos and are not heard from again: In Southern Laos, two Christian men have been taken from their farms and put in prison. No charges have been filed and no news is forthcoming about their …Read More

Man! I’m having a hard time keeping track of what the Democrats are doing about the war. Since America is looking to them for action, you would think they would do something decisive but we are still waiting for them …Read More

The “public” (based on opinion polls) believe that “Democrats in Congress would better handle Iraq than Bush is” (via). OK, so here is their solution, tie up funding so that new soldiers can’t go to Iraq. You like that, America? …Read More

These are all the stories that I read about the treatment of women by Muslims, just today. I wasn’t looking for these, I didn’t find them through Google. I was just reading different blogs and this is what I found. …Read More

The moral equivalence of some (see? I’m trying) on the left is absolutely stunning. Charles noted that Egypt removed the al Qaeda propaganda channel from their satellite feed. And here is the title that someone used when he/she posted the …Read More

Newsweek did a story on Cameron’s evidence and I blogged about it here. I also found an interview of the archaeologist who was in charge of the Talpiot tomb and he had this to say: The name “Jesus son of …Read More

Here’s an interview with the Prof. Amos Kloner who oversaw the work at the Talpiot tomb. He has been quite vocal in his opposition to the assertion of Cameron since he believes that the names on the tombs are common …Read More

Yes, it is tempting to work on the laptop while you drive, sometimes you just have to multitask but please refrain or this might happen: The California Highway Patrol says a deadly head-on crash north of Sacramento was likely caused …Read More