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This has got to be the funniest exchange ever: Senator Conrad Burns (R-Montana): “He wants to weaken the Patriot Act. He wants to take the tools away from the people that work for us, or our protection, every day. He …Read More

I wanted to respond to Michele’s post (scroll down) with some encouraging words. While I agree with her that there will be dire consequences if we “cut and run”, I also refuse to lose heart. First of all, I acknowledge …Read More

Here are some ESV buttons for your blog. Smart of them to advertise! Tags: ESV

I think I’m on overload with the Bush bashing, they are wearing me down. I don’t even want to post anything because Drudge and the Washington Post are filled with stories of people bashing Bush, I’m even tired of ridiculing …Read More

International disgrace? How about the embarrassment of sitting on our butts while our citizens were held hostage in Iran, hmmmm? Former President Carter is urging northern Nevadans to elect his son, Jack, to the Senate to help combat a Bush …Read More

Drive! How great is that! My husband’s car is in the shop and he took mine. I got a ride to my Bible study from one of the women in the study, who doesn’t live too far from me. It …Read More

There have been shots fired between Michelle Malken and Dean Esmay over just who is our enemy. Islam? Or a small group of Muslims who really shouldn’t be called Muslims. Christopher Taylor has a summary of the fight.

The Christian Carnival is up, it looks pretty big with a diverse offering. I wish I had time to read them all but I have a Bible study to write and I’m only half way done.

Just when you are starting to give up hope that the Republicans would get anything done before they took yet another break, they finally did something to make our lives safer! And with a pretty good vote margin. No one …Read More

You can find it here. I finally made it this week with my Revelation introduction. I hope to have the chapter one notes up in time for the next Carnival but I have Greek and Hebrew tests on Tuesday and …Read More