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What can you say about a religion that would find nothing wrong with encouraging a woman’s son to kill her? This goes against nature: Young children – in some cases a woman’s own son – have been used to carry …Read More

I’ve been meaning to share this with you even though it’s a few days old; because laughter is good medicine, right? I saw this the other day at the Riddleblog: You know you are not Reformed if . . . …Read More

Ellen has an interesting post about Samson which she uses as an example of how God uses imperfect people deliberately to bring glory to Himself. In the comments section there was a comment about how it was surprising that the …Read More

Carrie sent me this article and I’m still in shock over it. I can’t believe that people would do something like this and so it really makes me wonder about what’s going on: A pastor who says his congregation voted …Read More

If you believe that we are at war with Islamic fascists, then I think it’s very clear who you should vote for in the fall. Here’s the vice president on behalf of Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska: The Bush administration …Read More

In case anyone was wondering what happened to me, I unexpectedly lost my Internet connection on Sunday. I’m back for a little while today but I won’t be back again until tomorrow night. When I checked my email last night …Read More

This past Friday, my husband was rushed to the hospital with an irregular heartbeat. The normal heart rate for an adult is 60-80 beats per minute, Mike’s was anywhere from 120-170! So I get the call around 9:30AM from him …Read More

Hello Everyone! My family and I just returned from the great state of Maine. We went on our first ever camping trip. There were many people who shall remain nameless who would’ve bet good money that I would wimp out …Read More

This is such a mess, how the heck is Israel ever going to be safe from attack if they leave these terrorists fully armed? Annan is makes it clear they aren’t going to be disarmed: “The troops are not going …Read More

Anna has a story of a woman who was on her way to have an abortion but delievered the baby before she could have one. The baby was born alive but a clinic worker shoved the baby into a biohazard …Read More