I realized that I wasn’t putting titles on my posts. I hate writing titles, I am not very creative. If it wasn’t for Angela, we would have a very boring title for this blog (A Different View was my original choice).
I guess you can tell that we are still in a state of construction. This is my first attempt at a blog and I am trying to get everything working properly before we open for business and start advertising.
Yesterday I tried filling out the profile section but got hung up because I couldn’t think of a favorite movie or book. I couldn’t think of a single book that I like the best out of all the books I have read and the same could be said about movies. Maybe its the mother in me, “I love you all equally and I have no favorites.”

Anyway, I am sure that no one really cares what my favorite movie is but I don’t want people to form an opinion of me based on my choice of “The Terminator” or “Willow.” And just because I don’t list literary classics for my favorite books doesn’t make me an idiot or Philistine. So with this caveat, I will fill out my profile. (This is how my mind works — it’s sad, isn’t it?)
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