This is not your last chance to give to HopeChest. Time is not running out. You will not turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

However, if you want a tax deduction for 2011, then yes, you need to give before midnight tonight–12/31/2011.

» Make your year-end, tax deductible donation to Children’s HopeChest today. «

You are helping HopeChest change stories 365 days each year. And while a lot of people like to give in the last days of the year–many more faithful supporters make their gifts each month. And we thank you for it!

They are thankful for you.

Here’s a little bit of what you are doing every day with your gifts:

In Swaziland, you’re feeding over 4,500 children and providing about 285,000 meals each month.

In Uganda, the 1,300 children in our sponsorship program come to CarePoint facilities you helped to build

In Ethiopia, we are poised to double our ministry in 2012 because you made it possible to secure our non-governmental organization status. That means we are on track to feed, protect and educate more than 3,500 children by next year.

In Russia, we celebrated 15 years of ministry, launched a job skills program, opened our 5th ministry center, and continue to help girls avoid forced prostitution.

In Guatemala, we have started our NGO registration, engaged four new CarePoints, and each is now fully sponsored by U.S. church partners.

I could go on and on about how you have made the difference. The 9 wells you helped drill or the Swaziland Leadership Academy for orphans that you helped build. I look forward to 2012, and our year round partnership with you.

» Donate to Children’s HopeChest. «

Give before midnight tonight–12/31/11–if you must. But know that whenever and however you give, we could not do this without you. You are God’s special blessing to us, and to thousands of children in nine countries.

Thanks again, and have a Happy New Year.

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