Light is essential to life. It is the key to proper sight, to finding our way, avoiding danger, and making decisions. Light is one of the essential ingredients of photosynthesis in plants–a process that converts the energy of the sun into the plants and fruits and vegetables we eat.  Plants also exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen, replenishing our supply of breathable air.

Jesus says WE are the light of the world. And when I was in India, I met a young man named Sunil who showed me this in a different way. Take a moment to look at the picture and caption below. Take in the surroundings. Picture yourself in the same place. Do you have this same commitment?

 The caption reads: Sunil attends our partner school, The Good Samaritan, in India. Because of living in one room with 6 others, Sunil rigged up this light on the rooftop of their home so he can escape here and study at night.


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