In less than 24 hours, close to 3,000 people have signed our petition urging CNN and investigative journalist Amber Lyon to bring international media attention to the current human trafficking at Son of God orphanage in Haiti.

Please sign the petition, and urge CNN and Amber Lyon to cover this story.

Tweet her directly at @amberlyon.

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Amber Lyon is a fantastic reporter with a heart for this issue. We want her on our side in bringing truth and change for Son of God orphanage, and for other places where children are trafficked, neglected, and abused.

Some have asked about the legitimacy of these claims, as there are many internet hoaxes out there.  This is most assuredly not a hoax. 

We have had people on the ground in this orphanage trying desperately to get medical care for children who are starving, who have been burned. They have firsthand accounts of the conditions these children are facing.

In July, the previous director was imprisoned on human trafficking charges. Children are missing. 

This week, I am posting stories of these kids–firsthand accounts–so that their stories will be heard…and changed.

It’s Easier To Look Away
filed by Tiffany Cherry

On my very first trip to the orphanage, I met a little baby that would forever have a place in my heart. Not only was her name Mylove, she soon became my love. Every trip we took to the orphanage as soon as I walked in they would say “Teefunny, Mylove” and they would run to find her and bring her to me. She wasn’t always happy to see me but each time she would warm up to me and we would share my time there, together among the other children.

On January 13th I received a call from one of our team members saying that she showed up at the orphanage to check on the kids and there sat baby Mylove on the ground with a horrible burn. This is the same ground that is covered with dirt and some of the little boys would urinate on. It was the last place a baby should be sitting let alone with the type of open wound that she had.

It was determined that she was burned on January 1st and did not receive ANY medical treatment until our team member showed up and took her to the Doctor on Jan 13th. She is lucky to be alive today due to the infection she had.

Below I have posted some pictures, one that shows her burn. This is not an easy picture to look at. Just like the situation at this orphanage, it is much easier to look away.

If this was my child or your child, we would all join together and fight until they were free. I am boldly asking all of you to join me in fighting for this baby and all of the kids at this orphanage until they are free.











This is just one example of abuse and neglect at the orphanage, and unfortunately it is indicative of larger and more sinister problems. International rights groups have compiled evidence and continue to gather more evidence that organ and child trafficking cases have been traced directly to SOG. The orphanage director was imprisoned in July as a part of a police led operation where he sold a child from the orphanage.


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