Free to Live kicks off one week from today in Louisville, KY. Then we’re off to Atlanta, Charlotte, Huntsville, and Birmingham. Here are the top 10 reasons you should be there.

10.  There’s a cool site we made just for you to find out more information. Go to for all the latest and greatest information.

9. It’s free. You do need to register for free tickets. Do that here.

8. It’s not a concert. It’s a multi-sensory worship experience using music, story, video, prayer, education and advocacy event.

7. You will have a tangible plan for how to engage extreme poverty and sex trafficking. A plan that will change your life and the world you live in.

6. You can fight sex trafficking. Did you know each year, 1.2 million children are trafficked into slavery–like forced prostitution or domestic servitude?

5. It’s easier than Hell Walk! (See how one guy raised $25,000 to fight poverty by walking in a circle for 24 hours. This is the power of what one person with a dream can accomplish.) Way to go, Josh!

4. We have a surprise special guest who has come a long, long way (in many senses) to share a very personal story with you.

3.  This video…

2. Your voice is needed. If not you, who?

1. You are free. Billions are not. Together we can fix that.

Get your free tickets at the main tour site. See you there! TICKETS

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