I am currently writing a book that features the stories of people who have lived out Jesus’ “Red Letter” teachings, and I want you to contribute!
I am looking for stories of people who have lived out the red letters of Jesus in a practical and/or radical way. If you submit a story and it is used for the book, you’ll receive a credit for your contribution.
Here’s what I need:
1. Name of the Person

2. The teaching of Jesus they best exemplify
3. 1-2 paragraphs that SHOW me how this person lives out the teachings of Jesus
Person can be famous or obscure…living or dead. Could be your Aunt Millie?
I am looking for stories that HAVEN’T been told…the diamonds in the rough that few people have heard about.
Got a good one? Leave a comment to this note, or e-mail me at tdavis@hopechest.org.

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