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Did you know that Orphan Sunday is November 7, 2010? On this day, churches across America will unite in worship, prayer, and action on behalf of orphaned children in the U.S. and around the world.

As a member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, the coordinating organization for Orphan Sunday, HopeChest encourages you to plan or participate in an Orphan Sunday event this year.

Orphan Sunday is about waking the Church to God’s heart for the orphan and calling Christians around the world to respond with compassionate action.

Here are three great options for your Orphan Sunday event:

1) Host a SIMULCAST Site for the Desperation Band Concert: Friday November 5!
The Desperation Band is hosting a live concert broadcast freely over the Web and via satellite. Use this student-focused simulcast to build an unforgettable event for your group. You’ll worship with the Desperation Band and hear how students are showing the world God’s heart in service to orphans. Your church can host a live simulcast of the event via the Web or LIVE via satellite. Find out more here and download free concert posters on the Orphan Sunday Resources Page.

2) Get your FREE DVD: Answer the Cry hosted by Francis Chan!
This 60-minute program highlights ways every Christian can make a lasting difference for an orphan.  Answer the Cry is
hosted by bestselling author Francis Chan and features music
performances by award-winning artists Steven Curtis Chapman and Mark
Schultz. A limited number of DVDs are available at no charge to anyone
hosting an Orphan Sunday event, whether in a small living room or a massive church.  Answer the Cry will also be available for streaming as of November 1, 2010.   To request a DVD, please email here by October 25, with your name, mailing address and a brief description of your event. 

3) Create Your OWN Event!
Orphan Sunday events are as unique as their organizers, from a sermon or Sunday morning prayer to home group Bible study or fundraiser.  The Orphan Sunday site has 59 FREE downloadable resources, and 14 FREE partnership packages and other ideas to help you create your event.

And, once you’ve decided what you’ll do, make sure to post your event on the Orphan Sunday MAP!

Thank you for being a part of Orphan Sunday. Through this event, many thousands of Christians can experience God’s deep love for orphans. We pray that this day brings renewed focus to the call to love and care for orphans around the world and here in the U.S.