Red Letters

If this doesn’t convince you that evil is alive and well in our world, I don’t know what will. In 1692, nineteen people were convicted of witchcraft and hung in Salem, Massachusetts. What’s happening in Africa makes that look a blip on the radar compared to the number of children who are being killed. Their crime? They are witches and warlocks responsible for the death and calamity occurring in their villages. 

CNN reports: “Pastors in southeast Nigeria claim illness and poverty are caused by witches who bring terrible misfortune to those around them. And those denounced as witches must be cleansed through deliverance or cast out. As daylight breaks, and we travel out to the rural villages it becomes apparent the most vulnerable to this stigmatization of witchcraft are children.”

This is yet another demonic attempt for the enemy to crush Africa’s future. To the systematic death plan of AIDS, malaria, consumption of dirty water, etc., now innocent children and especially, orphans, are falsely accused and killed.

Other children at his orphanage bear the scars of being beaten, attacked with boiling water, and cuts from machetes. But these children are the ones lucky to be alive.“A child witch is said to be a witch when that child possessed with certain spiritual spells capable of making that child transform into cat, snake, vipers, insects, any other animal and that child is capable of wreaking havoc like killing of people, bringing diseases, misfortune into the family,” Sam said. “When a child is accused of being a witch — that child is hated absolutely by everybody surrounding him so such children are sent out of the home… But unfortunately such children do not always live long. A lot of them, they’re either killed, abandoned by the parents, tortured in the church or trafficked out of the city.”
Pray for these children and pray for Africa.
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