Red Letters

Frank Schaeffer doesn’t think so. I must say, I was disturbed when I read this article in the Huffington post. Frank’s father, Francis Schaeffer, was one of the great theologians I grew up reading and wrote books such as: The God Who Is There and How Should We Then LIve? 

Frank is directly contradicting any authority the Bible has in his new book. He makes these kinds of comments:
“maybe if there is a God, or if Jesus spoke truth about how we are to care for others or if the Light of Love in my life has taught me anything, then the best thing a believer in any actual God can do is to admit that a lot of the Bible is hate-filled blasphemy.”

“Maybe if there is a God? If Jesus spoke the truth?” 

This sounds like the words of an atheist or agnostic, not a self-proclaimed Christian. He goes on:

“There is a verse in Timothy that says that all Scripture is for our edification. This verse, not the many Bible stories of the many killings “ordained by God,” is the scariest verse in the Bible.”

Read the article and then I’d love to hear your thoughts about the reliability of the Bible. Can we trust it? Is it the Word of God? Is it even a historically accurate book?

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