Red Letters

A short post today as I am out the door very early on a trip. I just wanted to make some quick observations and comments and suggestions:

1. The posts criticizing Christianity and have drawn nearly 10 times the comments and a lot more traffic than the ones praising it. Same with the response to Frank Schaeffer about the Bible not being the true word of God. Not surprised, but interested in why you think this is the case? Does this prove Anne Rice’s point about Christians being disputatious?

2. Do you think C.S. Lewis is a good apologist? Millions have read Mere Christianity and his other books which articulate the argument for faith. Yet, I am challenged by one reader, “clasqm” that Lewis’ apologetic falls short. Can Jesus just be a great moral teacher and, at the same time, make the claims to divinity that he did? Lewis says no, clasqm says yes. Is Lewis’ “Lord, Liar, or Lunatic” apologetic relevant in a post-modern dialogue?  Comments please.

3. This past weekend I spoke at Woodmen Valley Chapel for the first in their mini-series “AWAKEN.” You can listen to that sermon on their Web site, and soon they will have the video up as well. Much of what I talk about is relevant to where we are going with “What’s Great About Christianity.” Check it out.

I’m off to the plane.