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Since we are discussing “how” Christlike love works, I want to host an open forum to gather the BEST ideas for how to love those around us.  Building off yesterday’s post, I want everyone who reads this post to leave a comment that answers this question:

What simple thing can I do (or learn how to do) that will help me display the love of Christ to those around me?

I gave you two practical ideas yesterday. 1. Learn how to jumpstart a car and keep jumper cables with you.  2. Learn how to change a flat tire.

There are thousands more like these two. What’s your take?

These things seem positively boring and mundane. Yet, in the right context, they become the currency of Christ’s love.

Now let’s face it, like the story of the Good Samaritan, we’ve all passed people who are “stranded” on the side of the road with a flat tire. We’ve all seen situations where we could have responded, but instead thought, “I’m sure someone else more qualified will help that poor person.” And we walk on by.

We rationalize with well thought out objections. My favorite is safety. “If I stop on the side of the road to help this person change a tire, they will probably be a rapist or axe murderer. I should keep going.”

You probably have a greater chance of being killed by a falling coconut than you do stopping to help a stranded motorist. The fear you feel is not from God. The gripping fear that tells you that helping others is dangerous and leads to pain and suffering and abuse is not from God. It is Satan suggesting to you the very rational and “human” reasons why you should love yourself MORE than that person in need. Your safety is MORE IMPORTANT than stopping to help.

We all fight this battle.

Today, let’s assemble 100 great ideas for how to put love into action in ways that overcome fear.

You can leave comments that relate to any kind of tangible expression of love. Think of the simple everyday actions. We’re not talking about grand gestures. We’re talking about practical preparation to engage the world around us. What does it look like?

100 ideas please. Leave your idea or comment below. Feel free to put in even more than one, if you’re feeling inspired.

As an extra incentive–and because I love you guys–I will choose one comment at random and send you a free copy of one of my books. But, I’ll only hold the drawing once we’ve hit 100 comments. Comment to enter. The winner will be drawn at random and receive one copy of one of my books (see titles to the right.) And if we hit 200 comments, I’ll give away 2 books at random.

Looking forward to reading your ideas.

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