Back in 2008, U2’s Bono spoke at the Women’s Conference in California, and gave a passionate plea for America not to put another man or woman on the moon, but to “bring humanity back to earth.

He also had this to say about women:

Because the emergency hits women where they live more than most men.
As hard as it is to ask fans at a rock show to think about the value of a
child’s life far, far away, or to ask Boardroom U.S.A., or political
American for that matter. You do not have to explain to the women of
America, the mothers of America, the value of a child’s life far away.

Women do “get it” when it comes to poverty in Africa or sex trafficking in Russia. Women–be they mothers, daughters, sisters–just get that global poverty is not about the billions in peril. It is about the one. And when you focus on changing the life of one child, one at a time, then we can accomplish just about anything.

God bless women. I want to introduce you to another group of women who “get it.” The women behind SheReads are using their love of reading, books, and book clubs to bring women together in community. But not just to read–to act.

This month, SheReads, an offshoot of Proverbs 31 Ministries, has selected Priceless as their July Book Club Selection. I’m honored to have been again chosen by SheReads.

SheReads is giving away a number of prizes, including two pounds of
Saints Coffee
along with their signature mug, a Godiva
chocolate gift basket
, and a hand-made purse crafted by a young
woman rescued from the sex trade.

Each of those prizes will come with a
copy of Priceless. All three winners will be chosen randomly
from the comments on this
. Leave a comment and you’re entered to win. It’s that easy

Later this month I’ll be speaking at the “She Speaks” Proverbs 31 conference, and cannot wait to meet some of these dynamic women. In addition to a book signing event for Priceless, I’ll be teaching a session on speaking and presentations.

These women inspire me! Check out their blogs here: 
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