Yesterday's post was one of highest viewed on this blog…ever. With public outrage building against Craigslist–and an unbelievable
undercover report by the Today Show–Americans are opening their eyes to
the reality of sex trafficking, forced prostitution, and child rape for
profit. Craigslist is still choosing to "look the other way" and hide behind
the laws that protect them.
But what will you do?

A friend wrote me yesterday to share a story about how a bad call at his son's little league game cost them the victory. Those situations make me really mad when they happen to my kids too. Like me, he spent days thinking about what he'd do the next time this situation came up, and then God dropped this question on him:

Why are you obsessing about 8-year-old little league, instead of what matters most to Me?

We are so easily drawn from the heart of God. Like Peter walking on the water, we take our eyes off Jesus and begin to sink and drown.

What would happen if our local churches became "obsessed" with eliminating the orphan crisis, wiping out extreme poverty, and ending child sex slavery? 

Here's what you can do. Take the 5 day challenge and do something about trafficking.

1. Last week, HopeChest launched a new Web site for sex trafficking resources and action at I want to challenge you to spend 5 days seeking the heart of God through the "Help Wanted" devotional posted on It's a free download. Encourage your blogging, Facebook, and Twitter community to do the same.

2. Get educated and act. My new book, Priceless, is all about how young girls are exploited by traffickers. Pre-order it here and allow Marina's story to open your eyes.

3. Post the Priceless trailer to your blog for 5 days by embeding the code from YouTube here.

4. Read the first chapter of Priceless for FREE by clicking here. Post the link on your blog for 5 days so others know about this issue.

What if each of the 1,000+ people who read this blog took action like this?

You can also view the investigation on Craigslist on the Today Show by viewing it here. Be careful, it's not for minors.

Become obsessed with God's heart for justice. If it matters to him, it has to matter to us. Helping to save one young girl or boy's life is worth it.

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