Red Letters

I went to Russia and recorded five videos of the exact locations from scenes in Priceless. Why? I wanted this book to come to life for you. For example, instead of just talking about the Church of Kazan off of Red Square, I wanted you to see it and walk in it. Who knows, maybe we'll do a Priceless trip to the exact locations? Anyone interested?!

Here's the first installment from the very opening of the book. We'll run the contest through today, Thursday, then pick the winner on Friday morning [Click to enter]. Your book will be Express Mailed so you'll have it early next week. I'm so inspired by your comments, I think I'll run a few more contests! Thanks everyone. As I read what you wrote, I was touched and very thankful for every single one of you. 

Don't forget to visit to download resources to help girls who are trafficked and stay up to date about what you can do. 

Priceless – Ismailova Hotel from Tom Davis on Vimeo.

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