Red Letters

I've become good friends with Nicole Wick over the past few years. She's part of the tight circle of folks I've become close to through blogging. What a world we live in! 

She was adopted from an orphanage in Saigon a week before Vietnam fell. You can read about her story by clicking here . Had she not been adopted, she could have been one of the many orphans left behind who were forced to enter the sex trade. When I went to Moldova, she was so moved by the stories of the girls we were telling. So she's doing something about it. Nicole is using her 35th anniversary of adoption to make a difference in other girls lives. 

This is more than a story about someone who has a heart for orphans an sex trafficking. It's a story about a normal woman doing great things to make a difference in the lives of needy, desperate girls rescued from trafficking. It's proof that any one of us can change the lives of others when we act. 

I'm asking everyone to go to Nicole's blogread her story, and join her.

Thanks all. You're the best online community ever! I mean that. Together, we raised over $150,000 last year for causes just like this! 

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