Help Wanted. Over 2 million children are trapped in the sex trade. Learn what you can do to help prevent sex trafficking and care for the survivors. Find out more in Priceless, the new book by Children's HopeChest president, Tom Davis.

Today marks the launch a new Web site devoted to the release of Priceless and a resource center for prayer, learning, and action on behalf of the victims of sex trafficking around the world. We are calling this campaign "Help Wanted."

Many girls respond to a "Help Wanted" ad for what they think is a glamorous new job and lots of money.

Instead they find themselves trapped as forced prostitutes. Some are raped up to 40 times each day. Raped for profit. But there is another meaning to "Help Wanted."

"Help Wanted" is the cry of 2 million children who are powerless to rescue and free themselves from the sex trade.

They need our help–to help educate others and prevent sex trafficking, to support those brave men and women who carry out rescue operations to free children from slavery, and to heal and care for those victims of sex trafficking.

We've packed the site with resource for you to dig into, and two special gifts! Right now you can download the first chapter of Priceless and the FULL VERSION of Scared. Go to and enter your information to receive access to the private download page.

The free version of Scared will only be available until May 10…so don't wait.

Also, our new site has a free 5-day devotional for you and your family, Sunday School, Bible Study, class, or small group. I've posted day one below, but you can get the full download at

5 Day Devotional

Day 1:


Marina, from Priceless,
represents thousands of girls across the world.  Girls who have had all
hope stolen from them.  Girls who have spent their whole life in an
orphanage and as early as fourteen years old they get kicked to the
streets to fend for themselves.  Girls wondering where their next meal
is going to come from.  Girls spending cold nights dreaming of better
life.  These girls are approached by nice looking men, the first person
who has looked at them kindly in months.  The men tell the young girls
everything they want to hear.  They tell them that they will give them a
promising job.  The job will be an opportunity to nanny in a foreign
country making more money than the young girl ever dreamed possible.

yourself (or your daughter):

Living on the streets. 
Imagine the hopelessness of not having a job and living on the cold
streets.  Imagine your dreams for a better life and what they would
include.  Imagine having no one to turn to for comfort or advice.  Now,
imagine yourself being approached with a job opportunity-one that sounds
too good to be true.  What do you have to lose? Maybe, just maybe, your
life is going to turn around like you’ve always dreamed.

Unfortunately, this job is not a nanny or waitress job after all.  What
these girls do not know is that they are going to be trafficked and
forced into a life of sexual slavery.


Priceless Chapters 6-11

Statistic to
think on today:

Every 2 minutes, a child
is being prepared for sexual exploitation

Scriptures to

Psalm 43:1Vindicate me, O God, and plead my
cause against an ungodly nation; rescue me from deceitful and wicked

Psalm 120:2Save me, O LORD, from lying lips and
from deceitful tongues.

Psalm 144:11 Deliver me and rescue me from the
hands of foreigners whose mouths are full of lies, whose right hands are

Prayer Focus:

Pray that the Lord will
close the eyes of those seeking vulnerable girls to traffic
Pray that the girls’ eyes would be opened to truth and they would flee

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