This weekend I am with some amazing people at the Royal Ontario Museum speaking at the Dead Sea Scrolls Conference put on by Unite Productions here in Canada. A talented group of worship leaders and speakers gathered right in the middle of downtown Toronto to "re-dig the ancient wells," of Godliness this city was founded on and study some of the oldest manuscripts known to man. My buddy from Colorado Springs, Glenn Packiam, is also here and we've had a great time hanging out. 

Sunday morning I am speaking at the main session and the worship is being led by one of my friends and heroes, Brian Doerksen. I've really grown to love this man over the past few years. He has an understanding of the Father's Heart like few others. Can't tell you how excited I am to lead a session with him. You may remember him from a few of his songs like, "Come, Now is the Time to Worship," and, "Refiner's Fire."

Send up a prayer for me if you think about it and enjoy this video of Brian playing, "Holy God."

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