Excited to report that over $8,000 has been raised since I posted last night. That means we’ve funded one of the kitchens completely. Thank you! We’re on our way to helping 5,000 kids. Praise God and keep spreading the word!

Put “Carepoint Kitchen” in the Notes. $20 per child, $8,000 per kitchen, 5,000 kids waiting.

I want to use this post to SHOW you what some carepoints look like. First, this video shows you what an undeveloped carepoint looks like. I shot this a few years back when we started ministry in Swaziland, and it’s a good picture of how a carepoint starts–with the grit and determination of some older women with kettles and food to cook:

Here are two photos of carepoints that have fully developed kitchens (and other buildings as well). You can see how dramatic the transition is from a open fire with a kettle, to this:

Swazi 08 Jesse Snipes66
Swazi 08 Jesse Snipes93

Last but not least. We have a team in Swaziland right now. They are taking some great video of the developed and undeveloped carepoints. Check out the videos and blog.

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