I’ve been traveling so much, I can’t keep up with myself! Ethiopia people, an update is at the end of this blog.

Last week I was hosted on the Lesea Broadcasting Network’s, The Harvest Show. A wonderful group of people to meet – the focus was my recent book release: Confessions of a Good Christian Guy.. Then off through Indiana to Winona Lake where our dear Lena will live when she marries Greg in two weeks! I spent time all day with Greg and his wonderful parents, soon to be our in-laws. Wow, that’s weird to think about.

Then off to Chicago to do two Moody radio programs for Red Letters, then back home. Currently I’m in Atlanta.

Thanks to all of you who emailed about Ethiopia. Here’s the skinny: the plans are to start the process of opening the country now and taking a trip sometime in the next 6-12 months. This stage is about raising funds to hire staff, buy vehicles, and begin the humanitarian work of distributing food, clothes and initial programs. We are also connecting with churches and business who are interested in sponsoring orphanages in Ethiopia. Each community here in the US will sponsor an entire community there, helping to provide not only food, but spiritual development, education, medical/dental, and emotional support. For more info please see our website: www.hopechest.org. This will provide holistic, sustainable programs for the kids in a way that cares for them the way a family would. There’s something special about Ethiopia. There are a lot of committed people who have adopted, willing and ready to help in any way. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm about this project. You are the ones who will help make this successful. We’ll have a conference call to connect us for those who have responded.

THE NOVEL IS DONE and turned in!!! Looks like it will release in the spring of 2009. I’ll keep you updated on ideas for the cover, plans, etc., as it rolls out.

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