I received this email last week and the faith of this 5 year old greatly encouraged me. I know it will encourage you too!

Dear Tom,

Last year I was looking for a
ministry to give to that worked with orphans. A good friend told me about your group. 
After watching a dvd about Russia, I was hooked.  Last summer God then led me to
give up preschool in order to give more.  We use some of that money to invest in
Children’s Hopechest.  You have to know motherhood has not come easy for me so
giving up preschool was definitely not my idea.  God clearly had spoken to me. 
But, I have found tremendous joy in giving to God’s Kingdom and in helping our
kids learn about the world. Annie (almost 5) and Mikey (3) know where
Russia and Swaziland are. Brooke (1) doesn’t quite get it yet.  🙂 

Anyway, the point of this email is to tell you about
last Tuesday.  It had been a particularly long and lonely day for me.  Preschool
had started up and most people I know were off to tennis, lunch and coffee with
friends.  Your letter about the matching grant for  50k arrived. I read it, asked God to
provide a way for us to give to it, and then put it aside. Annie found
the letter a few hours later.  She brought it to me, asking what it was about.
(By the way, she has seen your blog about the pizza and bananas.  We still talk
about it.)  I told her about the need and then she went to get her piggy bank. 
She dumped the whole thing out and said she wanted to give it all away.  It came
out to be $5 even.  My husband traded her for a $5 bill.  She then found an
envelope and wrote her name on it.  We haven’t sent it yet as we are still
hoping to participate in it beyond our normal monthly gift.  I explained that 50
children will eat because of her sacrifice. I wish you could have seen her

Thank you so much for serving God and His people the
way you do.  I know your road must feel lonely at times too.  Our family has
been so blessed to be a part Children’s Hopechest.  It’s added a great deal to
our lives.

May God bless you and your family!

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