In exactly two weeks my family will be heading to Swaziland, Africa, for the month of June. Yes, you heard right. All of the kids from Hayden, 10, to Hudson, 18 months, for 30 days (Anya’s in bootcamp for the Army). Before you think we’re out of our mind, let me tell you a quick story. Hayden was with me last fall in Africa. He was playing soccer out in the middle of a field with a bunch of orphans, having the time of his life. I turned around to see his white, shining feet next to Michael Black’s white feet as they continued to play, not missing a beat. They were so moved by the poverty of these kids, they gave the Nike’s away. How much is that experience worth?

Swaziland_2 There will be about 100 people joining us on this adventure including Vanguard Church, Rob and Theresa Flanegin (a VP at Focus on the Family), his wife and kids, and Brett and Nicole Irwin and their kids. It will literally be a family affair! We are really looking forward to seeing our close friends Gary and Lisa Black and their kids too.

We covet your prayers during this time, we will certainly need them! I’ll also be posting blogs and pictures to keep you updated from Africa so you can follow us on the way.

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