It looks like we, at Children’s HopeChest, will be opening up Uganda in the near future. Uganda is the home to over 2 million orphans according to UNICEF, and that was in 2003. 1 million of those orphans are orphaned due to AIDS and estimates say that number will rise to between 8-10 million by 2016.

I have a good friend named Peter Mutebi, who is Ugandan and has planted hundreds of churches throughout the country. Peter has also single-handedly, been taking care of hundreds of orphans, and he needs our help.

How can you help? Many of you have asked me this dozens of times. Simple. We need to sponsor 200 Ugandan orphans who are in two orphanages right now. They have little food and are in desperate need of help. Two churches, or two companies, can easily get these kids in a sponsorship program. You can be the catalyst to make this happen. Email me and I’ll tell you how. We will also need funding to get the project running. To hire staff, buy equipment, etc.

I’ll be taking a trip later in the year. Interested?

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