The X Factor Episode 9 Recap, Judges’ Homes Part 3, Tuesday October 18, 2011.

Paula demonstrates how two plus two equals four acts going to the live show (photos courtesy Fox)

Welcome back to the homes of The X Factor judges as they reveal their decision who will make it to the live show and who will not. There’s no question that we’re in for quite a bit of drama tonight as dreams are realized and hopes are dashed. Only four out of eight acts from category of Boys (L.A. Reid), Girls (Simon), Over 30’s (Nicole) and Groups (Paula) will move on for us to see live, next Tuesday night.

In: Simone Battle
Out: Tora Woloshin

The first two to see Simon are Tora Woloshin and Simone Battle. They are brought out one at a time. Simon says to Simone that one thing bothers him and that is her forgetting the lyrics. “If that happens on a live show, it’s catastrophic.” Tora gets the news first, with Simon telling her that she did not make it. Simon then tells Simone, “It’s good news” and she goes on the live show.

In: Drew Ryniewicz

Next up to discover her fate is 14-year old Drew Ryniewicz. She describes herself as a normal person, with a normal life with a normal job, with no great expectations. Simon tells her that he saw an improvement and she could not have done more. “I’m not going to lie, you weren’t the best teenager,” Simon says, “you were the best contestant of the whole day.” She is surprised!

{The editing of these decision revealing clips is intended to create suspense, but instead it’s choppy and confusing.}

In: Josh Krajcik
Out: Christa Collins

We join Nicole and the Over 30’s category of contestants. The first one to hear what his fate will be is Josh Krajcik. He says that “that yes or that no changes life one way or the other.” Nicole tells him that she wants him to join her in the live shows. After this he calls his wife and after she reacts he says, “I think life just drastically changed for us.”

In: Dexter Haygood
Out: James Kenney

The first one to find out her fate is Christa. She doesn’t make it to the live shows. And neither does James. Talking with Dexter, Nicole says “my heart says one thing and my head says another thing… I am taking you through to the live show.” Dexter is in tears and then after his short interview with the host, he goes and dives into the pool, clothes on and all!

Out: Illusion Confusion

Now it’s Paula’s turn with the Groups, starting with Illusion Confusion, 2Squar’d, and the Brewer Brothers. Paula doesn’t look too happy, showing a glum face whether it’s bad news or good news. The edits here are short and we don’t get many explanations from her why she chose who she did as we did from Simon and Nicole. The first ones to find out their fate are the guys of Illusion Confusion. “I’m really sorry I can’t take you forward,” Paula apologizes. One of the guys later says that “I’m mad as hell.” They think they should have made it through.

In: The Brewer Brothers
Out: 2Squar'd

Then the four gals of 2Squar’d come up and Paula again gives the “I’m sorry” line. The gals break up in to tears. We don’t get any excerpts from their exit interview. Then the Brewer Brothers step up and Paula tells them that they deserve to be part of the live show and congratulations! They can’t explain how they got through out of the hundreds of thousands of people. Maybe Paula can explain it.

Out: 4Shore

The last of the Groups decided on in this segment are 4Shore. They say that they heard about The X Factor Auditions and decided to give it a try. “If it doesn’t work out, we’ll just end the group.” Paula tells them that she in awe of their vocal ability and that, technically, they are the most beautiful sounding. But then she says there’s are cons and asks, “Who is the lead? There has to be a lead.” She then tells them, “I’m not able to take you through to the live show.” Not able? Seriously, these guys belonged on the live show as clear front-runners. Instead, it appears that this decision clears the way for the two ad-hoc groups to advance in spite of all of the time that very good regular groups like these guys spent together.

In: Brian Bradley
Out: Nick Voss

Finally, we get to L.A. Reid and the first round in the Boys category, starting with boy-rapper Brian Bradley. He’s already thinking big, talking about getting his mom a present for Mother’s Day (which makes you wonder if he knows when that is, given the time of year) and he could get girls (note the plural there). L.A. tells Brian that he’s concerned whether Brian can maintain the kind of attitude necessary to go forward and win. “You’re a champion. You’re on my team,” L.A. tells him.

Out: Skyelor Anderson

Next up to face L.A. Reid are Nick Voss, black country singer Skyelor Anderson, Brennin Hunt and crooner in the hat Phillip Lomax. L.A. gives each of them a critique of their performances and future potential as stars. {The editing, again, is confusing, as we’re often not sure who is getting which critique as the clips of the guys change in mid-sentence.} The first to find out that he is going home is Nick Voss. Following him, we also see Skyelor Anderson sent home. L.A. concludes three outs in a row with “Brennin, I’m afraid this is where it stops, my friend.” Swish, swish, swish, three strikes and they’re all out!

In: Phillip Lomax
Out: Brennin Hunt

Which brings us to Phillip Lomax, who says he knows that jazz and his style of singing isn’t contemporary, but it’s what he does. In spite of that, he’s hoping that he’s what L.A. is looking for. L.A. tells him, “I believe in you. You made my final four. You’re going through with me, congratulations.” The cat in the hat looks surprised and is overjoyed. “What?!” Phillip exclaims and L.A. laughs.

Out: Jazzlyn Little

Now back to Simon and the Girls. Next to find out her fate is Jazzlyn Little. She had had problems with confidence on the stage and in performance, although she’s actually very good at it. Simon says what he loved about her was her grit and that she has massive potential as a great singer. “I like you,” he adds but, “I hope you understand what I have to do here… sweetheart, it’s bad news. You didn’t make it.” He gives her a long hug as she sobs in his arms. It makes us wonder if this is what he signed up for when he started this show.

In: Leroy Bell
Out: Tiger Budbill

We rejoin Nicole and the Over 30’s category. Next on the block are Tiger Budbill and old but evergreen Leroy Bell. Nicole tells Leroy that is he is not only amazingly talented but that he’s also an amazing artist. She tells him that she knows how talented he is, but she doesn’t know if he wants it enough. (Really?!) She tells Tiger that he’s good, but she doesn’t connect with him as an artist and wants more from him. Tiger is told that he is not going through and he is crestfallen. On the other hand, she tells Leroy “you are so going through” and hugs him as he sits on her couch with his hand on his head in relief. She practically looks like she has fallen in love with him.

In: Chris Rene

Next up is Chris Rene at L.A.’s place. Chris is the guy who made a recent decision to go clean and stay clean for the sake of his family and his own life. He’s thinking about the future, thankful for the journey so far. L.A. tells him that he’s seen better from Chris than his most recent performance. “I want to remind you that this is a competition… consistency wins.” L.A. also expresses his concern about how Chris would hold up and maintain himself with the pressure of the competition. “You’re on my team, pal,” L.A. finally tells him after a long, pregnant pause. They both hug and laugh together.

In: Lakoda Rain
In: InTENsity

Next up are the two groups who were formed by the judges at boot camp, Lakoda Rain and InTENsity. Paula gives both groups some critique on how to improve their performances. “When you’re a group, it’s a sum of all parts.” She tells Lakoda rain that they are through and the same for InTENsity. Wow, how was it that both of these ad-hoc groups got through past the other groups?

In: Tiah Tolliver
Out: Caitlin Koch

Next to find out their fates are Caitlin Koch and Tiah Tolliver. Caitlin is the rugby player and coach. Tiah is the one who the judges squabbled over during her audition, with Simon getting angry with Paula and Nicole for rejecting her. Since then, Tiah has had to try to prove to Simon that he made the right decision to stand up for her. Then comes the news. It’s bad news for Caitlin, who just looks kind of numb upon hearing it. “I didn’t like doing that,” Simon remarks. Simon meets up with Tiah and tells her, “You’re in my four.” It’s clear he likes her a lot, even though he gave her some constructive criticism during his critique.

In: Marcus Canty
Out: Tim Cifers

Now it’s time to determine who the remaining four of the sixteen finalists will be, starting with Tim Cifers and Marcus Canty in L.A.’s Boys category. Tim is struggling to make ends meet to support his family and Marcus is currently without work, so they both need the big break. L.A. tells Tim he’s great but he’s going to have to send him home. Marcus gets good news from L.A., “You are one of my final four.”

In: The Stereo Hogzz
Out: The Anser

Who will be the last of the Group acts to make it? Paula tells Trey of the Hogzz that he has a magical voice, but the other four need to commit to building up their vocals. She tells The Anser that their vocals are good, but don’t always blend well together. The Anser group is told they fell short and are going home. The Stereo Hogzz are in as “potential superstars.” And they jump in the pool at Paula’s place!

In: Stacey Francis
Out: Elaine Gibbs

The last of the Over 30’s are super-diva Elaine Gibbs and Stacey Francis, whose audition Simon said was the best he ever heard in his life. It’s like a soap opera with both ladies looking even sadder than Nicole. “I’m sorry, but you’re not going through,” Nicole tells Elaine with a hug. Stacey is an emotional wreck even before Nicole tells her, “I am taking you through. You’re a fighter.”

In: Rachel Crow

Then, at last, it’s time to decide the final spot in the final sixteen. Will it be the young Rachel Crow or Melanie Amaro? In Melanie’s audition, Simon says he was asked why he brought The X Factor to American and it was with the hope to find someone like her. Rachel says that if she wins the $5 million contract, she’ll get a house where everybody can have their own bathroom. Hah! Simon tells Melanie he’ll never forget her audition in Miami. Simon tells them both that he’s got to make a decision based on who he can make a recording artist. And he tells Melanie, “And I don’t really like saying this. You haven’t made it, babe.” Melanie quickly walks away without the hugs. Simon comments, “I hate this job sometimes.” He tells Rachel she’s in, “How could I say no to you?”

So now we know the final sixteen acts who will be on the live show next Tuesday night!

But wait! Later in the evening, sitting down at the table with a companion who is busy on a laptop (we’re not sure if this is his personal assistant or not, but it doesn’t look like his recently wed wife, Mezhgan Hussaini).

Solemnly, Simon says, “I think I’ve made a mistake. An hour ago, I felt fine… I feel it in my gut, I made a mistake on someone.” {Let’s add that he’s not the only one to make a mistake, but he’s the only one we see admit it.}

Out & In: Melanie Amaro

The judges get back together to compare notes and then discuss whether there was any act that they felt deserved another chance. Oh, a save! Who will it be? He tells them who it is and they agree. Simon flies off to Sunrise, Florida (this should tip you to who it is). “She has absolutely no idea that I’m on my way now.” Simon drives up, knocks on the door, greets who appears to be her father and…

… it’s Melanie! She’s shocked and the whole family is totally surprised. Simon tells everybody, “I want to personally apologize to you and your family for the mistake I made.” The whole house erupts into cheers and with a little nudging, Melanie says, “Yes!” to Simon’s invitation for her to come back into the competition and on the live show.

So, it’s now the Final 17 for the live show airing next Tuesday night. This is not to be missed!

As always, stay tuned!

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