Welcome to Beliefnet‘s Reality TV Guru blog! Grab a cushion and have a seat as we meditate on the ponderous world of reality TV.

This is a venue where people allow us Reality TV disciples to watch and listen to them as they go through their journeys of self-realization — or not! Some will understand the wisdom of knowing what they do not know as they probe the mysteries of the people and challenges of the environment around them; others will return home in greater confusion and ignominy than the day they first appeared upon the screen.

As your host in this temple of Reality TV, I will share with you the latest news, episode reviews and ratings, live show blogs, interviews of people on the screen and behind the scenes, polls for you to participate in, and much more to enrich your wisdom and knowledge of reality television. And we will ask questions, like “how does this person’s faith and belief correspond to how they portray themselves on the screen?” Questions, always questions.

And with this, I ask you for your comments, what would you like to see in this blog?

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