Rabbi Shmuley Unleashed

Last night we left Victoria Falls and drove two hours to the most beautiful tree lodge in the middle of a Safari game park. We slept in tree houses. This morning, at 5:30am, took a two hour safari. Saw Cheetah, White Rhinos, many other animals. People were super nice and happy to have a job. No tourists. All these places are empty and running on life support.

Joy of going on beautiful safari was lost quickly when we left and began visiting villages near Gwye River, where ROCK of Africa works. Most people we met were HIV positive. We hugged them all and prayed with them. ROCK of Africa supports a local farm that grows corn for them to make shima. Also grows vegetables there and distributes them. One woman we met blind, daughter HIV and epilepsy. They have adopted six orphans who were scrounging around for firewood so that they could make hot food.

Poverty here indescribable. Listening to people’s stories heartbreaking. The people are warm and trusting. Even the poorest children are so incredibly beautiful.

We are on the road to the capital, Harare and hope to make it there G-d willing by night.

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