Hey Everyone .. just home from a successful run of the play in New York City … wow .. what a great time ! … not only was the play a success, but we got some great video shooting done and will be sharing with you all in weeks to come. I know what I’m now going to share won’t make much sense to you because I’m going to quote from the play … and most of you all haven’t seen the play. These are lines that I keep repeating to myself, even today. These lines apply to me almost every day, because I constantly lose my connection to Presence ( God, Source, etc.) I believe I’m alone and need to defend my existence … I’m great at disguising, but underneath I’m often scared … anyway … at one point in the play the character Julia turns to the character Sunshine and says


Julia: ( she turns and walks toward Sunshine, she’s on stage, her final curtain, and she’s going for it !! ) ( to Sunshine, he stays frozen ) Simply put my brother, you all love to fight the mirror!! Your resistance to whatever is or happens makes your beautifully designed stay here seem problematic, burdensome, unfun! Sunny, when you resist what happens you are at the mercy of what happens and then the world will be the guardian of your smiles and sorrows. ( feeling her oats)  Stop making life seem like a daily struggle for survival; because if that becomes your perception, it also becomes your reality …  ( repeating the line to the audience, quietly and intense ) Because, if that becomes your perception, it also becomes your reality.  ( turns back to Sunshine singing ) ( repeats) whatever you resist, persists … whatever you resist, persists


Remember that you are connected … you are here to wake-up to that connection … I forget, I remember, I forget, I remember … I’m coming home more often and I’m staying longer …. I’m a lucky guy … peace … Steve Allen Prutting


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