Prophet or Madman


When I first heard Our Creator tell me that I was to write
about and teach unconditional love to this world, my first thought was, “To whom?”
When I looked at life through the filter of my human ego mind, (i.e. the
judgmental mind we use to form most of our perceptions,) I had trouble believing that the world
was ready to accept that everything and everyone was/is part of one whole. Regardless
as to what religion one follows, if you believe that there is only one source or
point of origin, then it follows that your God has to be the same God that
others worship as their God. They may have a different way of honoring or
worshiping source but ultimately, everything and everyone is still connected
and part of the tapestry of Creation.


Somehow this simple truth has continued to elude or be accepted
by the great majority of people in this world. For the longest time I was asking
myself, “How is it possible for the majority of people to be so unaware?” The
answer that came to me was, for the most part, mankind is taught to be unaware
of the Spiritual Self or Ultimate Truth through their exposure to religious and
educational beliefs.


In retrospect I now realize that my primary purpose in this
world was to help present an understanding of not only who we are as Spiritual
beings but also to present and understanding of the mechanics of Creation


That being said, I would like to add, I am not here to
convince or convert anyone of or to anything. What I share is what I have been given
to share and is for those who have an interest and are seeking. Ultimately, we
all must follow our hearts and go where the heart leads us. For some, that will
mean that they will move to greater levels of understanding and for others
(those who can only see through the eyes of man) many will leave this world as
empty as they came in.


In Prophet or Madman I wrote that in each moment we have the
choice to interact or react. By that I meant that we have the option to participate
with an awareness of God from the awakened state (interact) or remain asleep
and go through motions from past programming (reacting).


For those who wish to experience more than they currently
believe is possible, you may find there are times when your past programming
must be addressed.


Albert Einstein, perhaps one of the greatest minds that
lived in this world, understood this enough to say, “You can not correct a
problem with the same mindset that created the problem.”


When this tenet is viewed along with the law of attraction
it is the beginning of understanding the declaration, “As you believe, so shall
it be.” will always ring true.


A thought occurred to me the other day. That thought was to
write a series of blogs that present another way of seeing life in and beyond
this world. For those who are interested in entertaining another way of seeing.


The blogs will be based on notes taken by a study group
where I discussed in detail a book that I wrote Prophet or Madman.


The subject matter will look at creation from the vantage
point of thought, energy and matter all being part of something that is working
together. I can not promise anything other than you most likely will entertain
thoughts you might not otherwise have considered.


Regardless of your path or what religion you practice, if
you wish to awaken yourself and live awakened in this world you will have to
struggle. More to come…


Love and Light,


Brother Bruce


Prophet or Madman

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