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Part 2

 A matter of Life and Death


In the last blog I said that my view of what life had changed significantly once I saw that we are in fact infinite spiriritual beings. Prior to that understanding I was not sure what to believe. If I had to discribe what I imagined to be true, I would have said my understanding was very much tied and limited to the human expereince. By that I mean,

I believed that somehow my existence began and was linked to my present physical body. I like many others in this world, held to the notion that my life began with the birth of the physical body.


Not to long ago, I read that Jesus said, “And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.”


As this series moves along I will at some point talk further about the Eternal Now Moment where time and space can be recognized as merely illusions we perceive. Before such a concept can be accepted however, it is necessary to have a foundation that is solid enough to build on. With that thought in mind, I would like to get back to the real meaning of Life and Death.


When Jesus said no man goes up to heaven but he who has come down from heaven, he was not speaking of the body but rather the Spiritual self. In other words, as spirit, everyone existed prior to their physical incarnations in another dimension. For this concept to become accepted as Reality however, it is necessary to first realize that only Spirit is alive. Just as you are not the car you drive you are not the body your Now is using. Once this understanding becomes accepted as being true, it becomes apparent that death cannot exist as an eternal experience but is rather a temporary loss of awareness.

This temporary loss of awareness can be maintained, dropped or picked up again. This is why the apostle Paul spoke of dieing on a daily basis while going through his personal jihad.


Regardless of what path you may find yourself on, or what religion you practice, anyone who wishes to awaken and live awakened in this world will have to deal with their own struggles.


More to come…


Love and Light, religion,


Brother Bruce

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