Prophet or Madman

Working at Daddy Dee’s ice cream parlor for the last 6 and a half years, I have had the good fortune to speak to people from various parts of America and also the rest of the world. I say ‘the good fortune’ because meeting people from other places with other beliefs offers an understanding that can only come from open and honest conversation. I remember for example, one afternoon a few years ago the shop was completely empty of customers when a gentleman from Israel walked in. As was often the case when people from different places meet, we both had a natural curiosity about each other.
It did not take long for the conversation to move to the spiritual realm where we got to exchange and share our thoughts about God. Being that my new friend came from Israel and had a Jewish background, there was a certain degree of hesitation on his part to share openly with me.
I believe his hesitation stemmed from the fact that I had a Christian background and spoke of Jesus. At first the mere thought that I was going to try to convince this man that he was on the wrong road seemed to erect a wall between us.   
Once I shared the spiritual view that God had shown to me however, the wall between us melted away like the snow on a warm spring day. From that moment on it genuinely felt as though we truly had a meeting of the minds. At the end of almost an hour of conversation my Jewish friend (spiritual brother) said something that deeply moved me. He said; “You know, you and I think alike.”
What I found through that beautiful exchange was only through total and honest communication with mutual respect can we truly understand each other as well as ourselves. In that moment I could not see any real differences between myself or any other person on this planet.
As a child, I remember questioning Life and often thought about God. One question that always troubled me was how many Gods could there be. Logic told me that if there is one God that is the Creator of all that is then all people and all religions had to come from the same source. Once I accepted that there is indeed only one God/Source and that God/Source is Unconditionally Loving, I then was faced with another question that would not go away.
The question I speak of is, how could anyone or anything be more blessed or more favored in the eyes of an Unconditionally non judgmental God?
The obvious answer that came to me was, if our Omniscient Creator wanted to have everyone live with the same belief system it would not have created such a diverse matrix.
The truth is, it is impossible for someone or something to be more blessed or more favored by an Unconditionally Loving Creator. Just as you would love the cell in your toe as much as the cell in your eye God loves all of His/Her children equally.

More to come…

Love and Light,

Brother Bruce

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