Last week we heard from Bruce as he stood on the very site where he first heard God speak to him. 
Tomorrow we return to the scene of the blessing to hear more of Bruce Adams’ remarkable tale.
In addition, we get some introductory remarks and comments from Steve Allen, never one to give up the spotlight gracefully. 
As for yours truly, I’ll be mercifully short winded this time since my computer is on the verge of crashing and I hope only that there’s enough juice left in the old girl to get tomorrow’s video uploaded for your enjoyment and edification.  Though I won’t be able to provide you a blow-by-blow synopsis of what’s in tomorrow’s webisode, it is hoped that you are all getting to know by now that it’ll be fun, funny and uplifting, as is our style, our way and our need.
Thanks for tuning in to Prophet or Madman, The Webseries on the world’s best internet interfaith platform, Beliefnet.

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