It was once said that God’s Love
is never changing and Unconditional but what is Unconditional Love?

A few years ago, a friend of
mine was reading a book that she believed spoke of Unconditional Love and asked
me to take a look at it.

Almost immediately, I ran
across a line that said we should love unconditionally except when… I then
took a moment and asked myself, if unconditional means without conditions, can
there be an exception? It did not take long for the answer to come to me. The
answer of course is no, there can be no exceptions
to Unconditional Love or it becomes something else.

Obviously, once an exception
is placed on Unconditional Love it is transformed into conditional love.
Looking at this world or even your own life it is not hard to see that most
times we live with and place conditions on love.

Most people spend their
entire lives trapped in the never ending search for love and never find a true
and lasting peace. What they find instead is a moment where one of their
addictions to the things of this world is temporally satisfied.

Whenever someone is addicted
to or places a value on money, sex, alcohol, control, or even the acceptance or
approval of others, it is impossible

to experience Unconditional Love.

As a Christian, I heard that
Jesus said in order to truly be one of his disciples one must forsake
everything and everyone including yourself. Today I understand, he meant, in
order to experience Unconditional Love you can not entertain thoughts and
beliefs that are limited and tied to our human or ego mind. Likewise, Buddha
once said, all our suffering is derived from our resistance to life.

If we were to look at the
messages these two masters presented and tried to find a common denominator
what do you suppose that common denominator would be. I would say each of these
masters was trying to get us to see Unconditional Love and to discover how to
experience it.

Understanding on an
intellectual level however, will not necessarily bring you the experience.
Understanding brings you to the door but you must be the one to open the door. By
opening the door, I mean seeing the reality of the moment and without a
judgmental mind. What is discovered from this wakened state is only Love is
real. Our ego thoughts rooted in judgment cannot share the same sacred space.

To me, that is what Jesus
meant when he said you cannot serve two masters.

God not only allows us to
entertain thoughts that come from our ego or spiritual minds, but he has
created a system that prevents any interference in our freewill to remain

My hope and wish for all of
humanity is that someday we can move past our petty differences and help our
fellow man wake up to Love. Not conditional love where me and mine must come
before you and yours but Unconditional Love where we are all one.

Regardless of your path or
what religion you practice, if you wish to awaken yourself and live awakened in
this world you will have to struggle. More to come…


Love and Light,


Brother Bruce


Prophet or Madma

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